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12 Signs You’re in a Truly Close Relationship

Every romantic relationship hits a rough patch from time to time.  Some relationship may even be rockier than others. If you’re in the middle of one right now, you might be wondering: “Is this relationship worth it?” or “Is this marriage one-sided?”

The issue of one-sidedness is an argument that many couples face.  Being one-sided means one of the people involved is good about helping the other person but the other person neglects to reciprocate. While there isn’t a guarantee that any relationship will work, here are 12 signs that you’re in a truly close relationship that’s worth saving.

  1. You and your partner use your hearts properly and listen to each other carefully.  The both of you have a good personal understanding of what knowledge comes directly from the heart and what knowledge is coming from the mind. You feel safe communicating your personal needs and wants to your partner.
  2. You still show love and deep affection for each other.  You enjoy spending quality time together and doing things that are mutually fulfilling. You also probably have a genuine preference to always be together.
  3. You have accepted all the positive and all the negative aspects of each other’s personalities.  True acceptance comes from the heart. You respect each other’s differences and you’re able to turn any differences into fair compromises.
  4. You and your partner have set boundaries in your relationship and have communicated them effectively to each other.  You both are clear about what each of your needs are in the relationship and you are aware of what each of you hopes from the other.
  5. You and your partner have a desire to see each other on a regular basis, and if you can’t do this, then the desire to talk to each other via telephone or Skype.
  6. You feel the need to relate information to each other, especially when that information is new and exciting. You keep each other updated on what’s happening in life, whether it is good or bad.
  7. You want to help your partner when he or she needs it. You both trust each other and can rely on each other
  8. You and your partner share feelings and emotions.
  9. You want to make sure your partner is happy and you have a desire to fulfill his or her desires
  10. You care about how your partner is feeling, especially if he or she hasn’t been feeling well or if one is going through a loss of any kind.
  11. You’re both there for each other when one is having a problem, being there to listen from the heart
  12. You see your relationship as indispensable and expect the relationship to last forever.

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