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3 Great Reasons Why It’s Important to Set Boundaries In All of Your Relationships

There are many reasons to set boundaries in your relationships.  Whether you have difficulty saying no or have a need to please others, setting effective boundaries is an important life skill in order to have healthy and happy relationship with yourself and with others.

Here are three great reasons why you should start to set boundaries today:

Setting boundaries makes life easier, and they help build healthy relationships.

  • Not all love is pure. 
    Too often love is sent or given with a hidden agenda and without care to your welfare.  This can leave you open to abuse, exploitation and feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. Though loving boundlessly can help you feel a more connected, fulfilled life with others, it’s best to exercise caution by setting up boundaries.  When you set up boundaries and learn to share your own heart in a discriminating manner, you are putting your needs first which will help you form better, stronger relationships with those around you.
  • It helps to manage expectations in the relationship.
    When it comes to expectations, what may seem obvious or normal to you may surprise the other person in the relationship.  We all grew up with different childhood experiences and relationships that have shaped our expectations.  To lessen disappointment and avoid conflict, you must set up boundaries so that you can begin to communicate what your needs and expectations are.  Remember, the basis of a relationship shouldn’t be fulfilling another person’s needs. That would cause a dependency, and any dependency is not positive for a relationship.
  • It helps you to see yourself better. 
    When you become aware of other people’s boundaries, you will begin to have a better idea about the boundaries you need to make to help you on your path towards self-transformation and spiritual awakening. You need to have strong boundaries in order to be focused in all aspects of your life — spiritually, in your career, marriage, friendships, etc.  Things cannot go wrong if proper boundaries are made and followed.

Setting boundaries makes life easier, and they help build healthy relationships.  This begins with knowing and understanding what your own needs and limits are.  Once you’ve discovered this, you’re one step closer to a  more focused and happier life.

This isn’t an easy skill to learn, but certainly one that you can master with the right help.  It just takes some courage, practice and support. To learn how to set boundaries, please order my book HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART.


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