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A New Age Guide to Finding Your Work and Loving Your Life

Are you looking for the right kind of work? A job that will satisfy your need to contribute to society, provide enough money to live on, and help you advance on your spiritual path? You spend a major portion of your life at work why not use the workplace to develop as a person? Unlike other career books, Karma, Destiny, and Your Career looks at your vocation as part of a spiritual journey that will lead you to on-the-job professional and personal growth.

Nanette Hucknall has developed visualization techniques to help you get in touch with the transpersonal, or Higher Self, which knows exactly what your evolving soul should be doing in this lifetime. Each exercise shows you how to discover and overcome the barriers that prevent you from finding and pursuing the right vocation. Hucknall explores the karmic affects of free will, how your past choices affect your career timetable, and why you may have feelings of aversion or inadequacy toward your true vocation.

Step-by-step, the book offers the practical advice and encouragement you need! You’ll learn to respect the meaning and spiritual importance of obstructions, how to set priorities, the benefits of starting slowly, and the importance of giving thoughtful consideration to your loved ones as you make major career changes. Maybe its time to follow your heart! These techniques provide the guidance you need to explore your Karmic self, live up to your maximum potential, and discover your spiritual destiny.

Released: February 1, 1999 | Published by: Red Wheel / Weiser

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