From Mary Dino

On Jun 30, 2016, Mary Dino wrote:

During the early 2000’s I asked Nanette if my husband and then 6-month old daughter could come to the summer retreat – not to participate, but to be there so I could continue to breast feed and just be together as a family.  This is not the usual scenario one might imagine at a retreat, but she unhesitatingly said yes.  It turned out very well, and I did the same thing for the following two years, which was great because I would not have been able to attend the retreats otherwise. And the whole community was so very welcoming. Nanette has always been open to, understanding of and kind about the obligations we have to our families, jobs, etc., and has helped me to find the balance and synergy between spiritual striving and having a full life.  HSY yoga supports the view of one life lived from the heart, while “wearing many hats”, and Nanette exemplifies that tenant in an authentic and accessible way.

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