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How Opening Your Heart Will Make You Happier

When you meet someone who is truly happy, don’t they seem to have an inner glow?  There is a lightness in their face, and they emit warmth and kindness.  You might be inclined to say,  “This person has a good heart.”
Happiness is such a simple emotion, and yet it’s one of the most difficult emotions to attain. When a person is happy, they feel fulfilled across many aspects of their life — relationships, health, spirituality, recreation, finances, career, and home. People who are happy also tend to be accepting, open, and loving.  Now let me ask: do you want to be happier in life?
Being happy isn’t just about feeling good in certain situations like going on a relaxing vacation, getting a raise at work, or eating a delicious meal.
Happiness is actually an optimal state of being and not just a fleeting emotion. It’s a holistic shift in your outlook on life.  Being happier is a process, and that process begins with opening your heart.
I’m not talking about your physical heart.  I’m talking about your heart center — what you use to regulate your feelings and reactions.
So much of our happiness is within our own capabilities, particularly how we feel and how we react. Having an open heart is important because it’s only then that you’re able to have a deeper connection to your own feelings and you start to develop a better understanding of others.
Here are 7 ways having an open heart will make you happier:
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Having an open heart helps you develop deeper, more fulfilling relationships with others.

  1. Brings you a deeper perspective on events in your own life and in the world.  Having an open heart broadens your understanding of world events, one based on justice.  It helps to discriminate good and negative action as well as what is correct behavior.
  2. Helps you attain and retain emotional balance. An open heart is used to regulate feelings. Every time you use your heart, it becomes more able to discern feelings.
  3. Unleashes your creativity, making it easier to tap into throughout your day. Creative energy comes through the heart. When you have an open heart you’re able to deeply listen to others, and to your intuition and creativity.
  4. Brings awareness to your own gifts
  5. Helps you develop deeper, more fulfilling relationships with others
  6. Accesses your innate intuitive guidance
  7. Connects you to higher wisdom
With an open heart, you’re able to tap into your inner energy for love, compassion, understanding and wisdom.  With this personal development, you’ll have the skills to navigate through life and all of its happenings.  Your open heart touches on every aspect of life, and plays a huge role in your happiness.   To learn how to open you heart, please read my book HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART.

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