Scheduled Publication of How To Live With Your Heart

Imagine yourself in a deeply loving and completely fulfilling relationship, excited by each new day. Imagine you awake to intellectually stimulating work that matters in the world. Picture the deepest longings in your heart blooming into real, tangible manifestations of your creativity. You can have all of this. You already have the road map and the knowledge to create this beautiful life, and all that wisdom resides in your heart.

“Having an open heart will change your behavior and affect those who are close to you.“
With the use of your heart, you can develop the means to have lasting relationships, an abundance of energy, and even discover your creative self. All of this is part of everyone’s potential, a potential seldom used to its fullest, says Nanette V. Hucknall, author of HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity & Discover Inner Wisdom (MSI Press; October 20, 2016).

To understand your heart is to understand how to work with energies. These energies flow through you and affect your personality, as well as the way you relate to others. Understanding heart energy is learning how to make these energies work for you in a positive manner, a manner that will help you to grow morally and spiritually, and help you in your relationships with others.

• The difference between heart energy and psychic energy
• How to connect with your Higher Self and let it guide you
• Why the connection to your Higher Self is always through the heart
And here’s the best news. Tapping into your heart communications skills will:
• Bring you a deeper perspective on events in your own life and in the world
• Help you attain and retain emotional balance
• Unleash your creativity and make it easier to tap into throughout your day
• Bring awareness to your own gifts
• Help you develop deeper, more fulfilling relationships with others
• Access your innate intuitive guidance
• Connect you to Higher wisdom

Filled with exercises, anecdotes, and case histories, HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART shows you how to maximize your life’s potential. This book will be available for purchase at the beginning of October 2016 at your favorite bookstores or online retailers.

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