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The Complete Anthology of Nanette V. Hucknall

Zarathustra's Jouney

Zarathustra’s Journey follows Swiss Professor Anton Bauer on a profound path to discovering his true self. A novel in two-parts, readers are treated to a thrilling saga of adventure, intrigue, and romance that centers on the story of a teacher guiding their student, and the student discovering their path as a teacher.

The Spiritual Teaching of Higher Self Yoga

Is Higher Self Yoga the right spiritual path for you? This guide will help you decide. It is a practical guide that discusses all the aspects of the practice of this teaching. It also gives you an understanding about the community of Higher Self Yoga and how important it is to become a part of a community of people who are working together to achieve their spiritual goals.

Higher Self Yoga: A Practical Teaching

Higher Self Yoga author Nanette V Hucknall’s latest work provides a practical guide that serves as a roadmap for a personal discovery journey that will bring you face to face with unknown potential, unexamined desires and exhilarating new possibilities. “A Practical Teaching,” has been selected as the winner of the 2022 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.  

Higher Self Yoga: Book One

Higher Self Yoga is a practical teaching about how to work with the Higher Self. It is based on the inspiring teachings given to humankind over thousands of years, combined with the insights of modern psychology.

Higher Self Yoga: Book Two

This volume emphasizes psychological growth and provides exercises to help heal psychological wounds and emotional attachments. Deepen your access to the Higher Self and learn to face the parts within that often try to camouflage the Higher Self.

Higher Self Yoga: Book Three

The Higher Self will help you see and transmute the characteristics that impede your spiritual growth. In this culminating work, learn to embrace your true potential, and help you discover who you really are.

How To Live From Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, And Discover Inner Wisdom

With compelling stories and illuminating exercises, How to Live from Your Heart shows you practical ways to listen with your heart; relate to others from your heart; inspire and be inspired; and to be open to new, exciting possibilities.

The Rose And The Sword: How to Balance Your Feminine & Masculine Energies

The Rose and the Sword offers a unique combination of fiction and self-development which invites the reader to enter a realm of modern and fantasy tales that stimulate both mind and feelings. 

Karma, Destiny And Your Career: A New Age Guide To Finding Your Work And Loving Your Life

Explore the karmic effects of free will, and why you may have feelings of aversion or inadequacy toward your true vocation. Unlike other career books, this one proposes that your vocation can be part of a spiritual journey that will lead you to on-the-job professional and personal growth.  

"As a scientist, it seemed unnatural to 'work with your heart,' but following Nanette’s advice in her book was an incredibly eye-opening experience."

Elena E. Paskaleva, PhD
Senior Research Scientist, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"Nanette writes with compassion and a deep sense of knowing - truly from the Heart! This book is a jewel."

Mary Dino, LCSW
Trainer and Consultant on Psychological Trauma 


Nanette’s book is multi-layered, powerfully office tool for opening the heart. And yet I found it to be delightful and easy to read, straight-forward and practical to implement.

- Ariana Attie

"I never new the power of heart energy or how to apply it in life until I read Nanette’s book. It has been positively transformative in my life."

Mario Canki, Ph.D. 

"There is no clear path to greater fulfillment in life than living from the heart, and Nanette’s book tell you how to achieve it!"

- Larson Rogers, Ph.D. Chair of Computer Technology / Health IT, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology    

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