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Podcast & Interviews

A Lott of Help with James Lott Jr.
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Interview with Hannah Van Sickle of The Berkshire Edge 
Wellness and Wanderlust with Valarie Moses: Episode 50
Practical Wellness with Jaya Jaya Myra:
Episode 56

#BeBetter with Michael Kurland Podcast: Episode 50  

Mindfulness Mode Podcast with Bruce Langford: Episode 720 

Television Appearances

Radio Appearances

Live one-hour interview: Host: Courtney Overfield The interview and book will also be promoted on the back cover of Body Mind Spirit Magazine. This show is heard online only and is considered a global online network according to the host.

Heart energy. It comes from an always loving and wise Higher Source. Nurturing, warm, quiet, refined, and all encompassing, heart energy brings spiritual growth that fosters creativity, attracts loving relationships, and engenders peace and happiness. Nanette Hucknall discusses how to live from your heart.

WOCA-AM RADIO INTERVIEW  – OCALA, FL Live 25-minute interview Hosts: Larry Whitler & Robin MacBlane

Videos from Higher Self Yoga

"As a scientist, it seemed unnatural to 'work with your heart,' but following Nanette’s advice in her book was an incredibly eye-opening experience."

Elena E. Paskaleva, PhD
Senior Research Scientist, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"Nanette writes with compassion and a deep sense of knowing - truly from the Heart! This book is a jewel."

Mary Dino, LCSW
Trainer and Consultant on Psychological Trauma 


Nanette’s book is multi-layered, powerfully office tool for opening the heart. And yet I found it to be delightful and easy to read, straight-forward and practical to implement.

- Ariana Attie

"I never new the power of heart energy or how to apply it in life until I read Nanette’s book. It has been positively transformative in my life."

Mario Canki, Ph.D. 

"There is no clear path to greater fulfillment in life than living from the heart, and Nanette’s book tell you how to achieve it!"

- Larson Rogers, Ph.D. Chair of Computer Technology / Health IT, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology    

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