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5 Things to Do When You Hit A Spiritual Roadblock

Nanette V. Hucknall

March 23, 2021

When you start your spiritual journey, you walk what we call “the path.” Like any path in nature,  it will be full of twists and turns. Sometimes, you will come to an impasse and have to return to where there was a fork in the road and go in the other direction. Other times, you will come to a clearing and experience the beauty that surrounds you. And in some cases, you will come to a point where you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and as though you cannot possibly continue. 

When you begin to feel as though you cannot possibly continue, follow these 5 steps until you feel you can start to walk the path again. 

1. Take a Pause

When you come to a block on the path, stop for a moment and remind yourself that the path is still there in front of you. It might take a little while to find it, but know with absolute certainty that it is still there. Know that the path will end on the summit where you will find your ultimate goal. Remind yourself that you have the tools to continue within you. Your heart will always guide you, and your mind will help you to take the right direction.

2. Understand that it is a Long Journey

The spiritual path is not a short trip that can be undertaken in a year. It is not a skill that can be learned quickly, and it is not a test you can memorize the answers for. In some cases, this journey may take several lifetimes. If you feel as though you are progressing too slowly, remind yourself that this is a life’s work, and that trying to sprint through a marathon will make the journey take even longer. 

3. Know that You Are Not the First  

You are not the first person to walk this path. Others before you have found the end of the path. Their wisdom and experience will always help you when you are entangled in the woods and when you feel unable to cross a stream. They will watch you and understand when you feel lost and discouraged. Learn all you can from the words they have left behind, as they want you to reach your destination as much as you do. 

4. Know that you Have Done This Before

Also know that if you are here again starting to walk the path, you have done this before—at least two times and possibly many more. Your past selves have found the strength to continue on this journey, and if it were not for their efforts, you would have even longer to travel. 

5. Visualize the Joy You’ll Feel at The End of Your Journey

Before you resume your journey, feel the power of what will happen if you have the faith and the desire to continue. Know in your heart that the hardships of the journey are worth all the obstacles and all the challenges because it will end in Joy. When you seek Joy, know you are forever on a quest that will take you into far-off worlds, but that when you realize joy, you will have earned its essence through your constant striving toward the light. 

You might have to repeat these five steps several times until you have the strength to continue.

This wisdom is from The Spiritual Teachings of Higher Self Yoga. To learn more about how to overcome your spiritual roadblocks and rediscover your spiritual path, order a copy here!

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