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Spring: Our Seasonal Reminder to Embrace the Power of Beauty

Nanette V. Hucknall

March 20, 2022

Beauty and the higher Self

Each season has its own lessons and offerings that nourish us throughout the various phases of the year. Fall reminds us that there is wisdom in letting go and winter gives us time to rest and restore. With the arrival of spring; however, it is time to experience a lighter lesson. As our hemisphere is once again illuminated, beauty fills our world. As our eyes widen, our mood lifts, and our spirits awaken to spring, we see the joy that is possible when beauty takes center stage in our existence. 

Beauty and our Connection to the Higher Self 

Consciously or unconsciously every one of us seeks beauty. We actively aspire to the ideal that beauty offers with its healing presence. We are uplifted by its transformational power. When we contemplate beauty we are awakened to our natural sense of belonging. We allow ourselves to feel content in the present moment. In beauty, we are reminded of the inherent wholeness that comes with simply being a part of something greater than ourselves. 

These feelings of oneness open our hearts. As we know, the heart is the seat of the Higher Self, so experiencing beauty inherently allows us to rest in the connection we have with our Higher Self. Our ‘wise being within,’ rejoices in the presence of beauty which eases our transition from the demands of the material world into the spiritual realm where the High Self is vastly available.

Sometimes, beauty can simply serve as a reminder that we always have the opportunity to connect to our Higher Self. The energetic shift that takes when we are surrounded by a world that uplifts our senses and invigorates our experience is somewhat of a training ground for how to stay in the more awakened reality of the Higher Self. Over time, we learn to rest in this state, as opposed to just coming to it when we are in need, and we are given the confidence to live in this higher, brighter way. 

Beauty as a Central Trait in our Natural World 

Contemplating scenes in nature awakens our sense of belonging, allows us to feel content in the present moment, and reminds us of the inherent wholeness that comes with simply being a part of the natural world.  

The beauty of nature in particular can have amazing effects on our senses. Consider how you feel observing the changing hues of a sunset, the swirling scents of a meadow, or the sounds of the winds roaming through leafy trees. In moments such as these, we are enjoying a pathway connecting our interior world to the great, expansive universe we inhabit. We are right to feel joy in such moments and should encourage ourselves to step into the sense of wonder that arises. 

To experience the beauty of nature, look no further than the flowing, loving power of our local star, the sun. As a ball of fiery energy, the sun directs all life on this planet.  Whether we are aware of it or not, the sun’s energy affects our daily moods, our emotions, our bodily functions, and those elements in our system that need balancing. This great force of energy sparks an inner vitality that inspires us to see the inherent beauty in all things.  

Beauty in the Arts 

Beauty is also richly available to us through the world of the Arts. For instance, contemplating an inspiring painting or sculpture, reflecting on an evocative piece of music, or relating to a dramatic work of theater can elicit an emotional experience that is beyond language. 

Artist and Higher Self Yoga practitioner Eleanor Goud shares, “a great way to use art as a connection to the Higher Self is to go on a sort of treasure hunt in an art museum. Wander around leisurely and take note of what you are drawn to and what inspires you. Connecting to the Higher Self in this way will bring you joy and help you to gain the confidence to make better choices. Remember, at every moment, no matter what is happening, you can choose how to think and feel about your situation and decide to use the Higher Self as your guide.”

There is a freedom that is available to us when we allow ourselves to intuitively rest in the abstract.  Through the arts, we are able to be present with an experience that exists outside the logical mind.  We are inspired enough to quiet the ongoing narration of our little life and enjoy a gentle oneness with all things. Through these experiences of beauty, we can feel the greater world that Higher Self, as part Source, so richly embodies. 

Beauty in Everyday Things 

In a recent post, we discussed how joy is made available through the beauty of everyday things:  “When we welcome these small joys into our world, we train ourselves in obtaining the higher states of joy that are possible in life. There is a natural wisdom in growing your capacity to experience joy. Our conditioning tells us that joy is a transaction that is made possible when we find the right combination of material accomplishments. But like all the other virtues of spiritual growth, joy is fostered through a daily practice of love, compassion and contentment that comes from your internal essence, not from an exterior accessory.”

Beauty is a vehicle for such joy. It helps us to approach the wholeness of life with greater vitality, creativity, and joy. Beauty is a state of interconnectedness, a state of wholeness. The nature of beauty is the expansion of consciousness and is an essential component of the foundation for the unity of mind and heart, knowledge and wisdom. 

Through beauty, we naturally seek harmony, balance, and unity in our everyday life which translates out into the larger world. Our task is to create and develop our life in a way that honors, embraces, and integrates the essence of beauty so that we can live a life of joy and wholeness.

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